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I decided I need to rename my FMC in the story I'm plotting. It just wasn't working with the other names. Anyway, I'm down to a couple of candidates:

- Felicie fe-LEE-tsee-ah
- Gabriele gahp-ree-E-lah
- Odilie o-DEE-lee-ah

I want the name to have a Germanic flavor (I got all three of these from a name database) and I'd also like it to have a nickname or diminutive of some kind, even if I have to make it up ;)

Does anyone have an opinion?
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I do like that one too... but none of them have really clicked yet. My original name was Theadora, Thea for short, but the hero's name is Leo and "Thea and Leo" just sounded weird.

Yah - change your spellings. Felitsia, Gabriella, Odelia land closer to your pronunciations.

Also the nickname could be from a physical characteristic: In They Drive by Night, Ann Sheridan's character 'Cassie Hartley' gets dubbed “Red,” not for her politics but for her hair color. My ex-fiancé got designated 'Squeaky' for reasons that made her blush. Blythe Danner once played a character dubbed “Socks,” for her unfortunate choice of hosiery at their first meeting. And so on. These suggest possibilities.

The spellings are flexible, although I do like the French and German spellings... it's something a little different.