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Wanted: plot help

So you have a group of rebels who want to take down the government of a country (in this case a kingdom) to keep them from being able to conquer a neighboring country. They don't necessarily want to take over the kingdom (not that interested, and it's kind of beyond their capabilities at this point) but they do want to cripple it enough so that it can't conquer anyone else. What do you do?

Along those same lines, if you had someone within the royal family who was your ally, how could they help you? If they could get you inside the palace while the king and most of his people are gone, what could you do to further your goals?
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the advisor can be the orchestrator of things...or, the king can be sick, and the queen smothers him with a pillow. before modern forensics, it'd leave little to no sign, certainly in a case of people not caring that the despot is gone.

a sick king succumbed to his illness, and no one can prove otherwise. bonus points if the queen is preggers at the time...and she has never given suspicion to who could be the daddy, she's only spend time with the king, so - especially with a co-conspirator religious figure - that declares the unborn child a miracle and gift from god!!!!!! ;)

especially if there's any sort of future savior myth going around (someone finds an old story in an old book and 'leaks it to the press', so to speak.
*rubs temples* The wheels are turning... I took Max out on a walk, but he was so excited I couldn't really let my attention wander and disect the problem. Now I'm back home, still confused and wheezing ;)