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WB night

Thank God. Jasmine and the happy shiny people were seriously getting on my last nerve.

Conner gets points for being the one to end paradise, but loses points for having known the truth the entire time. I really want to like him, honest... he's the only major character on the show these days who really irritates the hell out of me. But as long as I've been watching, he's been nothing but a moody girly-haired pain in the ass.

Oh well.

I'm bummed that it's the season finale already, just when I was getting into it. Hopefully it'll get renewed, and I won't end up with class or something Wednesday nights. *checks class schedule* Nope :)

What is it with TV shows and Wizard of Oz references?

Anyhoo... I haven't watched this show for, oh, at least three years. I don't remember exactly. I was pretty much a Dawson/Joey shipper all through the beginning, and then they paired him off with Jen, and then they started edging Joey towards Pacey, and I just lost interest after a while -- too many characters floating in and out, and all that teen (and post-teen) angst gives you a stomachache after a while. But since it's on before Angel, I've been watching the last couple weeks, and I figure I'll watch the last two episodes just for the sake of completeness. So... Joey and Dawson get married (yay) and then, five years down the road, one of the four dies. Bummer. But I like the format... they not only end the show at this point in time, they give viewers a glimpse into 'how things turned out'. My fave YA series did that too, although they killed the character off first and then did the flash-forward to see how everyone was faring without her. It was freakin' depressing.

That reminds me... I should check and see when the next Fearless book is coming out. If Gaia and Ed don't kiss and make up... ooooh...

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