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Misquote, misprint... ya know, it happens

Actor Michael Shanks ("Daniel Jackson") has been nominated for a 2003 Leo Award in the 'Best Guest Performance - Male' category, according to the organization's Web site. The list of nominations previously indicated that the actor was up for the 'Best Lead Performance - Male' award. The nomination is for his guest role in Season Six's "Abyss."

There's no word on whether the nomination itself was changed, or if the Leo Awards simply corrected a misprint on the site.

Not. Saying. Anything.
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LOL @ Sel

you know who he's competing against now? Christian Bocher...the dude that played the wormhole extreme version of daniel.

"I'm Christian Bocher, who plays Ray Gunne, who plays Dr. Levant, who is the equivalent character to Dr. Daniel Jackson played by Michael Shanks...what?"

Didn't he also do Newman in Shades of Grey?
Is he competing against Christian Bocher in the episode W-X? That would be irony, indeed!

Dr. Jackson...or Dr. Levant?

Pity. I think it would certainly be humbling to lose to someone who's playing a parody of your own character.

*hearty scoffing chortle*