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So I haven't been on much the last couple of days, because my DSL decided to choke. It was slow, and then it just stopped working. I called AT&T yesterday morning and they did their standard diagnostics and came up with nothin'. So, they're sending a tech out today sometime between noon and the Rapture. I mean, 4pm. Right. Anyway, thankfully my brother has today off and he'll be able to babysit the place on the off-chance that the tech actually shows up.

Because, on a weekday between the hours of noon and four, I'm obviously at work. Right? Well, maybe not. Since last week I've had this lingering head cold and it's started to become a full-on respiratory thing. So I took a half-day off and went to the doctor this morning. He gave me a shot to dry up the sinuses and some of that awful Robatussin with codine to break up the congestion. Of course I can only take that at night because it makes me too loopy to drive, plus sometimes it bothers my stomach, so while I was at the store getting the Rx filled I also picked up some OTC Robatussin for daytime use. So far I feel a little better.

Anyhoo, I had already planned on being gone for the 2nd half of the day to go to this meeting on behalf of my principal. Thankfully I was able to get the afternoon sub to come in and take the whole day. So I go to the doc, do my thing this morning, and then drive up to V-town on the assumption that the meeting starts at 12:30. I stopped at Starbucks to get something to drink because I was running ahead of schedule and decided to check my email. When I did, I saw an email regarding the meeting today saying it doesn't start until 1:15. So now I have about 45 minutes to kill instead of 15. Harumph. Then I have to leave a bit early to get back to school to teach a 40-minute after-school class of 1st graders that, in a moment of weakness, I committed to (at least it's only once a week).

In closing: sick, no internet, raining, hormonal, out of the loop, too many irons in the fire, need sleep.

Seriously, is it any surprise that I got sick?
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