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And none too soon... I was just about to get to the part where I would have to describe a sparring match, which is not my idea of fun.

I'm proud I made it to 50,000, but I'm not entirely sure where to go from here. I still don't know what's going to happen after the main characters find out the Big Secret. If I figure that out, I'll have somewhere to go. Otherwise, getting this far with this story has given me more confidence to go back and continue some others that had sort of petered to a stop.

Oddly, the one thing I'm really proud of is the reference notebook/story bible I put together with names, pictures, background info, as well as the city layouts, maps and calendar that I created.
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Also, story bibles and reference materials FTW! I find it's amazing how much having a bible can help in keeping track of stuff... though sometimes it's bad for the actual writing cuz you get so into adding stuff to the bible you forget to, ya know, do the actual writing... or maybe that's just me... :p
I sort of want to run out and make bibles for stories I have no intention of writing... just for fun ;) Although I think instead of a composition book I might use a 3-ring binder. Easier to keep things organized, add stuff, etc.

...and you are a brave, dedicated individual, for serious :p If I put my story bible on paper, it'd take up several binders by now, with all the stuff I've added and deleted. I think my file on the computer is like 60+ pages now, just for the bible, plus a character list, an episode list, a fantasy cast list... :p

btw, what kind of story are you writing? Just realized I don't think I know that. (If you said already, apologies for memory fail.)