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This will get me branded a 'homophobe' by someone, just you watch.

Do any other Glee fans kind of miss the days when characters other than Kurt had storylines? I mean, actual plots. Chris Colfer is very talented, and I know bullying - especially anti-gay bullying - is a very hot topic right now, but... well, when Mercedes almost had a line at the end of tonight's episode I found myself thinking "Hey, you're on this show, aren't you?"

I don't know, maybe other fans felt the same way about the Rachel/Finn/Quinn stuff last season. And again, Kurt is great. It's just getting a little repetative and a little preachy to me.
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I agree completely.

I adore Kurt, I really do. But you're absolutely right. We need other development. (And I haven't watched tonight's ep yet so bear with me.) But last week when they had Kurt get thrown into the locker again and IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EPISODE? Just a friendly reminder?


I love my Glee. But there has rarely, if ever, been an actual resolution to a problem they present. I mean, a real resolution. They just kinda end on a happy note and forget about really resolving it. Pissing me off a bit.
Nope. It's turning not just into the Chris Colfer Variety Hour, it's "Ryan Murphey Rewrites His High School Years."

Heck, I AM gay and I'm tired of the Very Specialness of the Wonderful Gay.

Yes, yes, bullying is bad yall... but plenty of other NOT gay kids got bullied too.
Homophobe! Nah, I'm kiddin'. Kurt's getting boring, even for me. And sometimes I wonder whether Chris Colfer even has any teeth. All the crying makes him look weird.