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"Well, well, well, look what we have here. It's Harry Potter."

Saw Deathly Hallows Part the First with Shelby today and was pretty happy with it. I'm always a little mystified by why they choose to take out what they do, and write in things that weren't in the book, and so on, but I enjoyed it and it sucks that we have to wait until next summer for Part Two. Sigh.

As in the book, my favorite part in the movie was the destruction of the locket. I love Ron, and I love when he gets to do and say things that aren't comic relief, things that are instead awesome and brave. Although I think I'm a little traumatized by Horcrux-Harry-and-Hermione. Ew.

Anyone have any reccs for good Deathly Hallows icons? Ooh or Ron/Hermione-centric fanmixes?
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