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Actually, "Accio bird" would have come in handy.

Ollie the parakeet has been recovered. The little moron had somehow fallen down behind the oven and must have been sleeping all day because I didn't hear a peep out of him until the evening, when he'd been missing for almost 24 hours. Then I thought that maybe he had gotten into the air ducts, but I decided to check behind the oven just in case. It went something like this.

Alli: *pulls out oven a few inches, looks behind it, sees nothing, starts to push it back in*

Ollie: *feeling like he's personally experiencing the trash compactor scene from Star Wars* "Flutter flutter flutter!"

Alli: "WTF?" *pulls oven out again, looks behind it, sees bird sitting on electrical connector thingymabob*

Ollie: "O HAI!"

Alli: 0_o

Ollie: *flies up from behind the oven, across the room, lands on the top of the mirror above the TV and dangles upside down from it to check himself out.

Alli: @#$%^&*(!

And now you can feel like you were there.

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