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My parakeet, Ollie, seems to have gone missing.

Now yes, he has a cage, but ever since I got him (last summer, I think) I've left the top of because my place is so small and he likes flying around, especially over to the mirror so he can admire his reflection. But he always goes back to his cage. The cats got used to him pretty fast and don't really care what he does.

Last night I was upstairs; I remember hearing Ollie talking to himself downstairs around 8ish. When I went down around 10, he wasn't in his cage, or on the mirror, or on the mantle, which are his usual haunts. I looked around but figured that he might be asleep somewhere and that he would be back for breakfast.

Only when I got up this morning around 8:30... he's still gone. I looked all around - cleaning while I did it - with no luck. The cats aren't acting strange, which I would expect if there was a sick/wounded bird flapping around somewhere. He's gone upstairs before but he's always done it with a lot of squaking. I don't see that he could possibly have gotten out of the house because I don't leave doors open; it was cold and rainy last night anyway.

So I just don't know what to think. He's never been out of his cage this long. Was he sick or older than I thought and fly off somewhere to die? If so, I would have found something, right? It's like he disappeared into thin air and it's driving me crazy.

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