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NaNo by the numbers

Quasi-prolog info that will probably end up being discarded by that I'm still counting for the purposes of NaNo: 2,858 words

Chapter One - Noemi: 4,332 words

Interlude (letter): 430 words

Chapter Two - Royanne: 1,704 words
- Noemi: 1,880 words

Interlude (letter): 175 words

Chapter Three - Royanne: 2,940 words

Interlude (letter): 118 words

Chapter Four - Noemi: 2,434 words

Interlude (excerpt): 266 words

Chapter Five - Royanne: 1,889 words
- Noemi: 1,152

Interlude (excerpt): 329 words

Chapter Six - Royanne: 2,291 words
- Noemi: 4,056 words

Interlude (excerpt): 268 words

Eek, Chapter Six went all fat and bloated on me. Oh well. Another thing I can deal with in December ;)
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