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I'm at Panera, just finished my meal and was planning on doing some writing... but now this gaggle of teenagers have sat down two tables away and some quirk of architecture is aiming their conversation directly at me. I can hear every blessed word. Sigh.
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I sure struggle at Sbux when furreners collect next to me. Yesterday it was Asians talking half the time in whatever language they spoke. Before that it was Hispanics.

Now, yes, I admit, I'm one of those evil people...who think if you move to the US you should learn English, but I also know - having visited foreign countries - how tiring it is. It's not that these couldn't speak English - cuz half the convo was in English (the Asians anyway). They just chose to go back and forth - LOUDLY. Add to that one of the guys LOUDLY and DISGUSTINGLY sniffing his snot up and then hacking... *rolls eyes*

Yes, the coffee shop is just as much for people to gather and chat over a cuppa or cup o' swill, but must they sit almost on top of me and talk LOUDLY?

There's this lady who comes in on Sunday with her Magic Jack to use their wifi to talk free long distance to her family. She drove me crazy during Script Frenzy in April.

And yes, I do know I have perfectly good apartment I could sit in, in relative peace - until the unruly rugrats there get going - but I was DL'ing Sanctuary epis with my iTunes subscription...

I think next time I'll take my noise-cancelling headphones and see how that goes...
I get that from time to time at the college library -- very annoying.