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Ah, amor...

Well, we just watched the last episode of Destinos, and it was cute! Arturo got to see su sobrino Roberto, although Roberto was still unconscious, and got to meet su sobrina Angela and the whole Castillo family (except for Pati, who went back to Nueva York). And, of course, he was reunited with Raquel! And they hugged and he laid one on her, which I don't think she quite expected, but it was cute nontheless. And of course don Pedro was standing right there, so I wonder what he was thinking about his brother's first wife's son and his lawyer getting all smoochy and affectionate in the middle of the hospital. Oh, and Raquel's mother must be suspecting something, because she referred to Arturo as "el guacho". She wants Raquel to get back together with that doof Luis. Bleh.

It's almost enough to make me want to take a third semester, just to see what happens.

Almost. Not quite.

Now I think I'm going to take my remaining math homework down to The Summit and finish it while I get something for lunch that's actually edible.

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