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In Limbo

Don't feel like pasting in the whole code thingy, but I'm in Limbo. Which is silly as how I'm actually a non-repenting believer ;) You would think the believer part would count for more...

Anyway, weird thing happened. I've had a headache all afternoon and evening, I finally dragged my ass off the couch long enough to do my Science homework... and my headache went away. So now I'm actually a little wary of getting off the computer and going back to my Koontz book. Currently rereading Cold Fire. It's a good story, very... multifaceted, I guess, but every time I read it I can't help but think that he was going somewhere completely different in the beginning. The story takes a sharp left about halfway through, like he realized it wasn't dark enough or something.

Or maybe I'm just off my meds. And even if I'm not, I've certainly thrown kinks into the plan myself. I think some of the most interesting plot twists in my own fic have been weird little ideas I went and took a chance on.

New Destinos tomorrow. I think it's the last episode we'll watch, which is kind of sad... I at least wanted to be able to see Raquel and Arturo reunite and kiss. I feel so cheated.

But at the same time, I just want this semester to be over.

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