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I need a title for my 2010 NaNo project. I have the feeling that if I title it, it'll be more real and thus I will be more likely to finish it. In any case I have to have something to call it besides my 2010 NaNo project. Plus I want to make a banner to use on the NaNo forums.

I don't want to go into a bunch of plot details, namely because I don't actually have a plot yet, but in my mind the theme of the story is transformation. The magic system is transformational (you can turn something into something else, but only if you actually have that something already on hand. There's no creating something from nothing... it's all about balance, transference, etc) and I want the main characters' arcs to reflect that as well.

Anyone have any random ideas?

Crap, I need to go to bed.
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Brain too fried to function butmaybe they'll act as a prompt for you;) good luck with nano!!