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Just shoot me now.

So I'm browsing Amazon and I come across this blurb.
In David Weber's new novel, Out of the Dark, Earth has been conquered by the galactic Hegemony,

Me: Ooh, a galactic Hegemony. Of course I can't read Hegemony without thinking of OSC's Ender books, but still...
and the crumbling human resistance movement has one last, desperate hope:

Me: Even better. I love desperate human resistance movements!


In much, much better news, A NEW ALEX BENEDICT BOOK IS COMING OUT NOV 2! (Alex Benedict being one of the main characters of the series; the author is Jack McDevitt.) I will happily admit that I love this series as much for the serious Alex/Chase projecting I indulge in as for the all-around awesome writing and plots and intrigue blah blah blah. And I HAVE A NOOK SO I DON'T NEED TO BUY THE DAMN THING IN HARDCOVER WOOT!
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Well ... at least it's a mix that to my knowledge has never been tried ... and maybe the vamps won't sparkle.
I guess, but it drives me nuts that the answer to everything these days is #$%^& vampires. Let's not actually think about how to make an interesting story, let's just add some #$%^& vampires to the mix and put some angsty teens with eyeliner on the cover! How about Gone With the Wind... with vampires! Or A Tale of Two Cities... with vampires! Let's just cut to the chase and write the Vampire Freaking Bible.
The vampire Bible with zombie Jesus ...? I think we'd best not let that idea out.

Emily's actually working on an idea for a vampire novel now, with the intention of taking them back to their roots and away from the sparkly romance novel stuff. I think she's fighting against the tide.