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Started watching the 'new' (2009) miniseries of Emma since I finished the book (finally) yesterday. A few random thoughts:

Romola Garai reminds me of Katee Sackoff.

Emma is annoying no matter who plays her. I guess I can't keep blaming Paltrow.

I like Jonny Lee Miller's portrayal of Knightly for the most part, but he doesn't fit with what I imagined. He's too... blustery.

Mr. Woodhouse is a wizard! Bwahaha.

Wow, just the first episode alone could have been edited down by about half. Not that impressed, honestly.
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I guess I can't keep blaming Paltrow.

Yes you can.

One can always blame Paltrow.
I've never seen a movie version since I can't stand the book. It and Northanger Abbey are the only two Austens I don't like.
I was kind of hoping that the movie would make me like the story better. So far no luck. And I'm sad you don't like NA... it's not my favorite, but I think Catherine and Henry are cute and I love the tongue-and-cheek humor in the book.