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8/28 Rally

Some great pics from the 8/28 Rally over on RedState.

ETA an especially good quote: "There was no violence. There were no riots. We didn’t even litter. So how can they marginalize it? By making it about race. I’ve heard it referred to as “Whitestock”… aren’t Lefties clever? We were obviously there to hate black people. Which is why they made up the majority of the speakers and singers."
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828 Rally
That's awesome! I watched it on Glenn Beck's Insider Extreme, wish our family could have been there :(
Re: 828 Rally
I watched it on C-SPAN. Very cool. I loved the depth of the speakers, the crowd shots, even the music (which at some of these events can be a little dodgy). ;) I think there's a 9/12 rally up in Sacramento that I'm going to try to attend.