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Just finished reading the last book in the Hunger Games series.

Holy crap. I'm wiped out. No spoilers, but it's been a long time since a book has physically worn me out this much.

*buries face in pillow*
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mainly because my head's scrambled and you have a startling way of forging sense into things. :D

Flattery will get you everywhere ;)

Obviously it's now been a while since I read it myself, but I was pretty shocked at the body count, especially Prim. It made for an extremely bittersweet ending, but really nobody should have been expecting a happy fluffy one :) I felt like the epilogue was kind of like the one in HP&tDH -- not strictly necessary, maybe a little overdone, but the resolution was appreciated, personally :) The imagery of the kids playing on the site of the former grave was certainly very haunting.
I KNEW you were gonna say that. *giggles*

Okay good. I figured we'd see eye-to-eye on some of this stuff. *big breath*

Prim's death. This just pissed me off. It was ABSOLUTELY unnecessary. If you think about it, Prim is the REASON for all of this. Katniss's whole purpose for choosing this entire sad story is to protect her. And then Collins kills her??? WHY? What POSSIBLE reason was there? And going on that, why didn't she convey that reason in the book somehow???

(That's only one bitchy response of many...and I'm basically ranting here. :D)