Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

Countdown time

School doesn't officially start back up until the 16th (at least that's the first student day) but really it starts next week because we have optional training on Thursday and Friday -- meaning we get paid if we go, so I'm definitely going. Then we have mandatory training on Monday and time to work in our classrooms on Tuesday. Our classrooms are open starting tomorrow, though, at least until 3:30, so I'm thinking I'll go take some stuff up there after the handyman is done.

Along those lines... I've gotten what I can of my stairwell and Bill the handyman is coming tomorrow morning (bright and early, meh) to finish what I can't reach and install a new pendant light up there too. When he's done I can take off for the school. Might go ahead and pack up some stuff tonight, actually.

Then if I'm back at a decent hour I'll go down to the floor store and pay for the materials for my bathroom floor. That'll run me about $300, all told... not terrible, considering that includes baseboards, proper installation around the toilet, etc. I need to remember to take some before pictures once the installation date is scheduled!

Should probably take some before and after pictures of my classroom too, come to think of it.

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