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Went to the dentist today for a regular cleaning. No cavities but the doc said he saw some 'soft' spots we'll need to keep an eye on. They gave me a free whitening kit. Oh, and when I went to pay (Delta Dental covers about 90%, so I owed the remaining $28 or so) the gal at the front desk said 'they would take care of that'. Hunh. Not complaining, obviously, but that was a first.

The excitement continues: I sanded, cleaned and primed the trim in my downstairs bathroom. It already looks 100% better white rather than that icky late-80s beige. When it's dry I'll give it another light sanding and then paint with the semi-gloss. The worst part is the baseboard behind the toilet. Sure, no one's ever going to look back there, but if it's crappy, I'll know, and it'll bug me every time I go in there.
Eating leftover burrito. I had taken out chicken but wasn't in the mood. Maybe I'll cook it up later and save it for tomorrow.
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Sounds like you had a much easier time of paining your bathroom than we had of doing ours ...
Well, it's not all done yet, so don't jinx me. But the room is like 10 sq ft, so there's not a lot of room for something to go wrong ;)
Small size didn't help me any! My bathroom was once part of the kitchen before plumbing was installed, which is why both are so small. In a way it was even worse, because the painting was all trim and only a little rolling.
Yeah, that is true. The mini-roller was pretty useful, but I've had to do a lot of cutting in.
We could have used a mini-roller ... but we made use of what was already there, from back when we painted the downstairs bedroom. Even the paint was leftover.