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Went to the dentist today for a regular cleaning. No cavities but the doc said he saw some 'soft' spots we'll need to keep an eye on. They gave me a free whitening kit. Oh, and when I went to pay (Delta Dental covers about 90%, so I owed the remaining $28 or so) the gal at the front desk said 'they would take care of that'. Hunh. Not complaining, obviously, but that was a first.

The excitement continues: I sanded, cleaned and primed the trim in my downstairs bathroom. It already looks 100% better white rather than that icky late-80s beige. When it's dry I'll give it another light sanding and then paint with the semi-gloss. The worst part is the baseboard behind the toilet. Sure, no one's ever going to look back there, but if it's crappy, I'll know, and it'll bug me every time I go in there.
Eating leftover burrito. I had taken out chicken but wasn't in the mood. Maybe I'll cook it up later and save it for tomorrow.
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