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Atlas Shrugged

So, I'm currentlt reading Atlas Shrugged. It's one of those books that I've been meaning to get around to for a while now, and just didn't have the time. Well, what better time than summer break? It's a lot more accessible than I had expected, but maybe that's just my unintentional bias towards anything written in the 50s. Plus, I already have a 'ship. Woo.

Anyway, I want to sort a catalog my impressions from the book. It's true, what people have said, about it being very prescient in it's own way, such as the concept - if not the exact wording - of an industry being 'too big to fail', and the media framing corporations and company leaders are greedy, soulless, evil, etc.

Lines from Ch. 2 that made me LOL:

Orren Boyle had appeared from nowhere, five years ago, and had since made the cover of every national news magazine. He had started out with a hundred thousand dollars of his own and a two-hundred-million-dollar loan from the government. Now he headed an enormous concern which had swallowed many smaller companies. This proved, he liked to say, that individual ability still had a chance to succeed in the world.

"Jim, you will agree, I'm sure, that there's nothing more destructive than a monopoly."

"Yes," said Taggart, "on one hand. On the other, there's the blight of unbridled competition."
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