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Naamah's Kiss by Jacqueline Carey

So, I went to Jacqueline Carey's site and saw that her new book, Naamah's Curse, has already been released. Checked B&N's and saw that, yep, the local store had it, so of course I had to literally run out and pick it up. Well, I didn't literally run, but after lazing around all day with cramps and general blahness, I threw on some clothes and makeup, drove out to the bookstore at 9:30pm, and bought it.

This is the second book in her third (I'm assuming) trilogy. The first, Naamah's Kiss, was... a little unimpressive for me. I mean, her first three books (the Phedre books) were just mind-blowingly awesome, partly because of her terrific world-building but mostly because of the relationship between (who I consider to be) the two main characters. We're talking soul-crushing angst, here, and I mean that in a good way.

With the second trilogy, the Imriel books, while they weren't quite as strong (maybe I'm a rube, but cousins in love just... no), but they were able to build off the fantastic cast of characters from the previous books.

This current group of books takes place a good century (I think) later, with a very different set of characters. I found Naamah's Kiss to be fairly muddled: the heroine sets out to find her destiny, gets mixed up in some dark magic, becomes the queen's lover, takes a long voyage, there's some stuff with a dragon, yadda yadda. I don't know if it's just that I have no interest in femslash or dragons, or because I miss the old, made-of-win characters, but it all just left me a little... meh.

That said, I had to run out and by the sequel because (1) there's always the possibility that it gets better in this one and (2) it's Jacqueline freaking Carey, biotch.
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