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Holy crap. I put my flash drive through the wash and somehow it still works.
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I've done that too. Just make sure they're good and dry before you plug them in.

Solid State Drives, flash drives, are fantastially stable and reliable...and I bet within a year or three we'll be having computers with solid state drives instead of spinning hard drives. They're already coming out with solid state drives up to 128 gig i think, just really expensive right now. Like 2-300 for them.

But I know a few people that have forked over the money and replaced their regular harddrives with ssd's, because battery usage is barely nothing, heat is less, it's more stable and resistant to shocks.

They're about as close to indestructible as you can get. The only way i've ever broken one is when i bumped into a usb drive and broke the card free from the usb connector thingie.