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Seriously, Canada? Seriously?

Win a soccer game by more than five points and you lose, Ottawa league says
In yet another nod to the protection of fledgling self-esteem, an Ottawa children’s soccer league has introduced a rule that says any team that wins a game by more than five points will lose by default.

The Gloucester Dragons Recreational Soccer league’s newly implemented edict is intended to dissuade a runaway game in favour of sportsmanship. The rule replaces its five-point mercy regulation, whereby any points scored beyond a five-point differential would not be registered.

Kevin Cappon said he first heard about the rule on May 20 — right after he had scored his team’s last allowable goal. His team then tossed the ball around for fear of losing the game.

He said if anything, the league’s new rule will coddle sore losers.

“They should be saying anything is possible. If we can get five goals really fast, well, so can the other team,” said Kevin, 17, who has played in the league for five years. “People grow in adversity, they don’t really get worse…. I think you’ll see more leadership skills being used if a losing team tries to recuperate than if they never got into that situation at all.”

Emphasis mine.

Sounds like they need to put the 17 year old in charge.
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I know that in my daughter's basketball league (3rd and 4th grade), they don't allow a team to lead on the scoreboard by more than 10 points. Any baskets over that number don't show on the scoreboard, but are automatically added when the other team scores. But the leading team certainly doesn't automatically lose the game. They don't allow anyone to play all four quarters to ensure everyone gets on the court for at least some of the game, but this more than 5 and you lose rule is ludicrous.

I mean, in a Rugby Union World Cup in the 80s, New Zealand defeated Italy by something like 90 points. (You can compare the score to American Football as it's a similar scoring system.) What would have happened in that game? Italy would have automatically been declared the winner? Ridiculous.