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Another interesting article about racist, RACIST Hollywood.

Hollywood's White Summer: Where's the Diversity?
The forecast is for a white summer -- at least at the movies.

With the notable exception of "Karate Kid," headlined by Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, most of the big-budget films hitting over the next few months star Caucasian actors.

Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio will all trot out new offerings. Their minority counterparts like Denzel Washington and Will Smith?

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I never give any thought to the race of actors in what I watch until it's pointed out, and I really couldn't care less. I'm quite sure many race baiters would take that to mean I'm prejudice by default.
Oh, I love the saltine crackers, with the salted tops ...

Wait. That was an insult, wasn't it? Next you'll be telling me I shouldn't like white bread.