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The Matrix is on TNT. How is it possible for a movie to be so awesome, and still have its sequels suck so completely?
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Well, now the 2nd movie wasn't really bad - but self-indulgence was already showing in that whole “freeway” scene. Did you know they built that entire road themselves to highway specs? Because they couldn't get agreements to shoot on location - they just built a section of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System for their own use. It cost millions of dollars. For one fifteen-minute sequence.

(Yet The Architect was one of the coolest creations on film. He wasn't human. He just appeared so.)

The third movie - I think they were suffering from “go fever.” Sequel sequel where's the sequel we wanna sequel - so they slapped something together that didn't make any sense. Hell, they couldn't even get the same actress to play the Oracle. If they'd taken the time to do it right - it would have been better.

The one thing that really bugs the snot out of me is the fight with the Agents Smith. Yeah, cool FX, swell - but folks, people who take that kind of punishment are going to bleed. At the very least, somebody's sunglasses are going to be knocked off!

Self-indulgence is the perfect word. (Although I agree that the Architect was pretty cool, even if he looked like Colonel Sanders.) But the 3rd was just a hot mess.