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The Arizona situation

I have to admit, I literally do not understand the rabid opposition to Arizona's SB1070. I can't decide if the most fervent opposition is spurred by concerns that the law will be abused by police or if it's a knee-jerk reaction to something seen as targeting a certain ethniity (i.e. would the Jesse Jacksons of the world be so up in arms if we had Canadians pouring across the border instead?)

Anyway, I found a really good piece on the whole issue over at PJM.
As I understand the opposition to the recent Arizona law, it boils down to something like the following: the federal government’s past decision not to enforce its own law should always trump the state’s right to honor it. That raises interesting questions: Does the state contravene federal authority by exercising it? If the federal government does not protect the borders of a state, does the state have a right to do it itself?

Read the whole thing. This isn't about race.

ETA: What a headline: Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Ariz. law

Of course, not so great news for those of us in neighboring states.
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