Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

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I need a new show.

Well, maybe NEED isn't the word... I mean, I watch enough TV as it is. But I kind of want a new show anyway ;)

Recc a show for me to watch. Tell me why it's awesome. You can always check my interests or tags if you need somewhere to start.

Generally speaking, I'm predisposed to shows with (1) female leads somewhere in the mix (sorry, Human Target. You can't say I didn't try), (2) ship, even if it's in the we're-just-projecting stage (ala Jack & Erica on V), and (3) good chemistry between the characters (I mean, I don't watch Bones for the cases... does anybody?). Legal dramas put me to sleep. Cop shows have to be out of the ordinary (like Life *sobs*).

(Just because I know somebody will say it, I've already given Supernatural a try. Didn't click. Probably because it violated rule #1.)
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