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I need a new show.

Well, maybe NEED isn't the word... I mean, I watch enough TV as it is. But I kind of want a new show anyway ;)

Recc a show for me to watch. Tell me why it's awesome. You can always check my interests or tags if you need somewhere to start.

Generally speaking, I'm predisposed to shows with (1) female leads somewhere in the mix (sorry, Human Target. You can't say I didn't try), (2) ship, even if it's in the we're-just-projecting stage (ala Jack & Erica on V), and (3) good chemistry between the characters (I mean, I don't watch Bones for the cases... does anybody?). Legal dramas put me to sleep. Cop shows have to be out of the ordinary (like Life *sobs*).

(Just because I know somebody will say it, I've already given Supernatural a try. Didn't click. Probably because it violated rule #1.)
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I agree with Doctor Who, of course, but Saving Grace is REALLY good if you're wanting a strong female lead. And it's definitely a cop show out of the ordinary. :D
Just dropping by to third the new Doctor Who series. ;) And if you haven't watched Merlin yet, there's always that.
"The Vampire Diaries," even if you're totally over vampires, as I was. Something happens every single episode to make you go "holy sh*t!" There is ship, although I switched teams partway through the season (which never happens to me). I wasn't sure about Elena (the female lead) at first, but I love her more all the time. There are hot guys all over the place. And an episode or two in, they have a terrific diss of "Twilight."

What more could you ask for? Heh.
Matching your criteria - Lie to me. It's got chemistry, two strong female characters and something to ship. No legal drama, no cop show.
seconding this like woah
love this show so much...although i have a feeling it's cause i have a massive crush on tim roth, rather than me actually connecting with the show ;)
Castle. Strong female, incredibly cute male lead, plenty of ship and an out of the ordinary cop show.
I second Castle. It gave me a strong Bones vibe when I started watching. The chemistry is sometimes better then the cases.
There are cases on Castle? Wait, there are cases on Bones? That stuff just gets in the way of the characters. :-)
You don't like Supernatural? I wash my hands of you. ;-)
Fringe. I think it's right up your alley, but you need to watch it from the beginning. Fringe, Glee and Castle are the new shows I've had the most fun watching in the last couple of years. Well, and Doctor Who -- of course.
Re: You don't like Supernatural? I wash my hands of you. ;-)
Yup, I watch Fringe. Took me a little while to get into it, but I adore it now :)

Castle... I don't know why I haven't tried it. I guess it just seemed like ABC's answer to Bones, but with a smarmy lead.

Glee is definitely fun :)