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So, my water shutoff valve, which is outside next to my front yard hose, needs to be replaced or repaired. The thing just spins and spins and doesn't tighten or loosen.

I checked my CC&R paperwork. It states:

Utility connections: (sewer, water, electrical)
Up to the exterior walls of the Unit = the Association's responsibility
Inside the interior walls of the Unit = the Owner's responsibility

I emailed my property manager and she says, nope, it's your responsibility.

Can someone explain this to me?
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Tell him you've selected a faucet that has a light-up disco ball and that plays "Dixie" every hour on the hour and whether he wants to rethink his position. :P

But yeah, the documents should differentiate between major connections (main water lines) and water faucets.
LOL. Well yeah, obviously if I wanted to replace the hose or something, that would be on me. But I sort of think that an emergency shut-off valve (something I kinda need if there's any kind of emergency) that, again, is outside the interior walls of the unit, should count as a utility connection. And I don't really want to have to get it done myself and then fight with the HOA over reimbursement, because what are the chances there?