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I love three-day weekends...

... it means I can totally dwaddle the weekend away and not worry about my homework until Monday. *contended sigh* Like today... I got up at 11am, painted Easter eggs with Shelby, watched Harry Potter: CoS with Shelby, took Shelby and Mom over to Aunt's so Mom could go out to her birthday dinner w/Aunt, went to go get pizza for dinner, found out the pizza place was out of pizza, got Carl's Jr instead, and have been watching the SF vs LA game whilst slowly (slowly) doing my laundry and planning Mayhem in May with a couple people who shall remain nameless ;)

And I fully intend to try and write fic tonight. Honest. Also have to go pick up Mom from Aunt's at some point (just call me the stay-at-home designated driver). Then tomorrow is the usual Easter family shindig, plus Dad's birthday party.

Ah, the excitement that is my life ;)

By the way... I'm on the lookout for good pics or screencaps or whatever from the Disney movie Atlantis. Anyone have any sites they could point me at?

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