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Why are Christians so proud?

A dumbass from a political comm I'm on posted this recently, and I thought the Christians on my f-list would get a laugh out of it.
On Facebook, ElJay, on billboards, welcome signs and city walls (not to mention bumperstickers... no wait, I just did mention bumperstickers), I am constantly having Christian pride thrown in my face. For instance, I wake up at 6 am to make some coffee and check the Facey-book only to get a wall full of family and friends all proudly declaring their Christianity,and boy are they are ever proud, it is almost like they are angry about it.

Well, screw you too, I guess...

Why do Christians have to be so in our face? My own fundamentalist background has me confused on this issue... as any good quasi-Calvinsist knows, being a Christian amounts to being picked and imposed upon. Yet for all the fundie quasi-Calvinist congregations out there, they speak as if their pride is a measure of their choice or ability in "making a stand for Jesus" or some such nonsense. What a bunch of political theater.

Christians, why are you so proud? What are you proud of, anyway? Was it a lot of work getting the Christian badge? Is it like an achievement or something? Are there trials? A gauntlet maybe?

Keep it in your houses and in your own private buildings.


I'm tempted to rewrite his/her/its whole hissy fit but replace 'Christian' with 'Muslim' or, even better 'gay' pride.

I'll say it again: dumbass.
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