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Hawaii tsunami warning...

... following the 8.8 mag earthquake in Chili.

(8.8... holy crap.)

You can stream live news here: Hawaii News Now

Thoughts and prayers with all.

ETA: Supposedly there is also a tsunami warning for the Bay Area, but I think that because of the angle, anything coming this way would actually be blocked by southern California. Not that that's great for them, but...

ETA: Watching tweets re: the tsunami, and a couple of idiots are actually wondering why the wave isn't being tracked from the sky. Uh... seriously?

ETA: Another idiot quite from twitter: "Pray for everyone who live in Chile or Hawaii...... the whole world is a mess. if we don't start doing a change... idk what else can happen!"

OMG everybody do a change!11!eleventy
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idiots. well, to their defense, i doubt tsunami specifics and hydrolics are taught in school. I mean, heck, we're lucky they know how to spell (ducks the teacher)

hey, if tsunami waves were so easily tracked, there'd be no need for a warning system would there?

guess they missed all the coverage in indonesia, about the fishermen that were a mile or two off shore and never knew that there was a tsunami until they went back to port and found it gone.
Well we're still here and it looks like we escaped again. Though there was an idiot who decided he'd ignore everyone and frolic in the waves by himself. Because he's so special.
and they say darwin had it wrong :)

please take this the right way, but it woulda served the uber intelligent little soul right to have had a 20 foot wave sweep him off to the land of fish food :)

I'm glad that Hawaii didn't get creamed.
Ooh, let's do a change! Because clearly mankind is responsible for earthquakes and tsunamis!

What a maroon.
this planet goes through cycles of increased seismic instability and decreased. Clearly we're in an upward cycle. the bad thing will be, these cycles usually result in a big quake or eruption somewhere. (not that the 8.8 wasn't a big one....maybe it was the culmination of all the upswing)

I remember the Northridge quake, and for months before it happened, there were a lot of little earthquakes and volanic eruptions around the world. Then after the quake, not so much.

but, my gut says, with the tsunami and quake in Indonesia a couple of years ago, the Haiti quake, this one, the china one...we're clearly in an active cycle.

it'll either calm up or calm down
I agree: definitely an upward cycle, with the worst possibly yet to come. I'm just selfish enough to hope the New Madrid fault won't be the next big one.