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Quick random thoughts about tonight's 24.

Forget Russians with guns, Arabs with nukes, even stab-happy girlfriends... what Jack needs to really be worried about this season are fellow law enforcement agents with Tasers!

Once again, Annie gets the most wardrobe changes of anyone (or so it seems). I bet everyone else is jealous! Also, did anyone else think her hair seemed lighter-colored in this episode? Symbolic, perhaps, of the fact that she's gone from 'dark' Renee to... 'not so dark' Renee? Obviously they can't go straight from what happened to having her be her old kick-ass self right away, but I think we're on the right track.

I actually rather liked Cole in this episode. Dana/Jenny still needs to be slapped.

Had a feeling that David Anders wasn't going to be long for this world... I was right. When you've gotten yourself in that deep, it's hazardous to your health to grow a conscience.

Didn't think Terrorist Brother was going to survive the episode... I was wrong.

Bitchy Justice Dept Woman: How pissed must she be when she finds out that the crazy guy who broke into medical (and was that a sweet move or what?) grabbed her by the throat and screamed at her was in handcuffs for about 3.5 seconds and is now leading a mission?

I can't figure out Hastings. I suppose writing-wise that's a good thing. I like that the writers are having him have qualms about some of the shitty things he does while still making him be pretty much an asshole. From a shipper standpoint, I do like that he recognized Jack would be willing to come back 'both feet in' if it was to help Renee. The next question: how is Renee going to get back in the action? Cause, yeah, it's pretty much all about her ;)

Best line, paraphrased, per a comment by kcountess at jackrenee: "Oh, sorry I meant I was going to talk to my BFF THE POTUS, BITCH."

And a close second: "I meant it the way it sounded." Meep!
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