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24 8x07

Know what the best thing about tonight's episode was?

Well, aside from Renee going all Bride of Chucky on Bad Vlad*, I mean I think we can all figure that the first blind thrust to the optic nerve probably did him in, and everything after that was just some much-needed anger management.

That was the second best thing. The BEST thing was that Jack gets stabbed, takes a commercial break to tuck his liver back in, and then keeps going on like nothing happened. He even has the presence of mind to shoot some bad guys and comfort his stabber.


In other news: Dana was stupid. Chloe was sassy. Kevin and friend actually portray the criminal class pretty well, being violent, greedy dumbasses. Arlo was meh. Cole was there. For some reason I kinda like the Islamic Security Guy Whose Name I Don't Recall but is Obviously Tapping That. Hassan is becoming more of a dick with every passing hour. And boy, his brother has sure been with those hookers for a while now.

Did I mention Dana was stupid? Dad was sure that she was leading Dumb and Dumber into some kind of trap at the warehouse, but I told him, "she's too stupid to think of that". And I was right.

But man, Renee sure stabbed the hell out of that guy! And the Russian, too. And now she has to save Jack with everyone (aka Agent Hastings, aka Agent Putz) thinking she's a homicidal maniac.

Sounds like fun!

* I have just decided that Bad Vlad will from now forth be refered to as "Vlad the Impaled". I know he was technically stabbed, but it's close enough.
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*lol* Bride of Chucky! You mind if I borrow that for my recap on the German forum?
Heh, thanks, used it. :)

I finally got around to watching the entire episode. And I have to agree with everything you wrote. The "Jack-tucks-his-gut-back-in" is even worse when you watch it without the commercial break. If it were any other character, he or she would've been in a hospital bed for at least the next six episodes, but invincible Jack? Gee, not him! *rolls eyes*

In totally unrelated news - yeah, Renee rocked. I just love Annie Wersching. But where was that kiss she teased about? Still to come?
Honestly, it didn't really bother me that much, because this is Jack and he probably stabs himself in the pancreas just to wake up in the morning. But they probably should have stuck in some throwaway line to the effect of, "It's only a flesh wound". You think he would have been a little more careful coming up behind a crazy chick with a knife. It's not like he was going to be able to save Vlad at that point.

Annie, I have decided, is a big tease. I had a dream last night that I saw a promo for an upcoming episode and there was a kiss *sigh*
Well we know Jack is indestructible - at least until he gets tortured to death the same as happened back in Season 2, which appears to be coming next week.
It stopped his heart and killed him towards the end of season 2, so not too much like morning coffee. ;)