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The plan for today

- Make some breakfast: coffee, cinnamon buns, and some scrambled eggs. Mmmm.

- Do some of the chores that didn't get done last weekend -- namely, tidying up, cleaning the bathroom, and maybe changing my sheets if I'm feeling ambitious.

- Do lesson planning for the next few days at least.

Also, I hear there's some kind of sporting event going on today?

ETA: Okay, I have eaten, showered, cleaned the bathroom and -- surprising even myself -- cleaned out the cabinet under the sink, fixed a drawer (at least temporarily) and cleaned out the top half of the linen closet.

Eventually -- probably as part of my spring cleaning in March, since at the moment I don't feel THAT ambitious -- I need to go through my upstairs storage where I stuck a lot of random crap when I had my ceilings retextured/repainted. Some of it can stay there, but the rest is going to get thrown out or find a new home in some of my other closets.

(I have to say, for a 1000 sq ft house, my condo has a TON of storage. I love it.)
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