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Superfast 24 reaction post because I should be in bed already

Let's go with the easiest first, shall we?

- Dana: officially too stupid to live. I was hoping she was somehow luring Dingus and Pal into a trap, but from the looks of things for next week that's not the case. I have no use for her from this point on.

- Cole: had another Moment of Cool!

- Hastings: putz. I'm not saying I disagree, but he's still a putz. In fact, his moniker is now Agent Putz.

- Chloe: had the best line of the night

- Arlo: seems to have no use other than leering and making wise-ass comments.

And as for the stuff I was actually paying attention to?

- Jack: Going to strangle himself a Russian. Seriously, the look on his face? Yowza.

- German Jack: Raow. Although the glasses were a little much. I kept wanting to say, "I never made it without biting... go ask Mr. Owl..."

- Renee: Okay, so where's that decontamination shower Jack used last season? My girl Renee could use it right now.

Definitely ick. However, she was ready to die an hour ago. I don't know where sleeping with some scuzzball compares to that, but if killing Vlad wasn't on her to-do list before this, it certainly is now.

I just know there's going to be people pissed at the writers over this, but come on. This is 24. If you want to squee over a cute couple go watch Bones or something. I figure, if it had been Jack compelled to sleep with some skeevy Russian broad for the sake of the mission, would I be railing at TPTB over the wrongness of it? I just don't think so.

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