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My head hurts.

ETA: Okay, so here's the deal. Couple weeks ago I was rear-ended. The woman who hit me claimed responsibility and had insurance with 21st Century. I wanted to wait until Christmas break to get the repairs done. In the meantime I contacted my insurance and asked them if I should file a claim myself, even though I wasn't at fault. Their response was, 'couldn't hurt', so I did. Filled out the forms, got an adjuster assigned. She gets in touch with 21st Century and gets the name of the adjuster on their side. I call that person several times and only get her voicemail, so I let my adjuster know that there's been no communication between me and 21st. In the meantime, I get an estimate and this Monday took my car in to get repaired. There's a delay because my model is kind of rare so they had a hard time getting in the right parts. but the work was supposed to get done today.

Then the bodyshop calls me today. 21st Century says that basically this is the first they've heard about these repairs and before the repairs can be done, they need to inspect the damage. Because of the holidays, the earliest they can get someone out to the bodyshop is Monday. Monday!

So I told 21st, fine, if it's going to take that long I want a rental car. They say, well, rent it yourself and we'll reimburse you. I snarked at them. Dad yelled at them for me. They said, okay okay we'll pay for a rental. Then we had to drive around to find a rental place that had a car left.

Anyway, I'm now the proud temporary owner of a black Nissan Sentra.

I emailed my adjuster pointing out that, well, she could have been a little more helpful. She emails back saying, "It's not my fault, I called the 21st Century adjuster and emailed her and she never got back to me. Maybe it's time to get a manager involved." Gee, you think? Maybe that's something we should have discussed a week ago, which was the last time I heard from you?

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*hugs* Drink two full glasses of water. Half the time, my headaches are from low-level dehydration.
Well it probably also has something to do with stress and hunger. But I'll try the water thing too :)
Well, at least you got the Sentra experience out of it. ;-) Mine's still puttering along, 11 years after birth.
Knock on wood ;) The Sentra is okay - the handling is fine, I'm not crazy about the styling - but I miss my Cobalt SS :(
I can understand that! My Sentra was a sporty little thing, when it was young -- pin striping and spoiler and such -- but I like my Focus much more.