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(I'm sorry, it had to be said.)

Also, I give up trying to explain the concept of a mid-season hiatus to my family.

Okay, but the episode? !!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, though, I think there was a great balance between some seriously-needed payoff (Go to Hell, Teri/Sorry, Quinn, still can't bring myself to feel bad for you, and yay Will & Emma!) as well as setting things up for the back half of the season (Finn vs Puck, Regionals and Vocal Adrenaline, Sue, and various and sundry relationships). You knew that they were going to win sectionals and that Emma wouldn't marry Ken, but finding out how it all went down was just plain awesome. Also, the music! Yay! I know what I'm listening to tomorrow during the commute!

SRS BSNS, if you're still catching up on the show *cough*seldear*cough* you need to hurry up and get caught up before you're totally spoiled. Possibly by me. BWAHAHA.

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SUEEEEEEEE!!!!! I swear, I love her so freaking much and seeing her lose??? Yeah, that was ODD. O_o
If Jane Lynch doesn't win an Emmy, it will be a TRAVESTY.

And your icon RAWKS.

Sorry, I'm in a CAPSLOCK MOOD.
I might have time this Friday night (your time), but I won't on Saturday.

Otherwise, I have time next Friday night, and a little on Saturday afternoon but you NEED TO PING ME if you see me online.
I'm watching your 3/4 naked Booth right now. :D Ohh, Canadians...

Oh - and: Yay Glee!