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Oooo sparkly!

So my aunt and I were at one of the outdoor malls yesterday (that's where the movie theater is) and in one of the empty stores (it used to be an Anchor Blue) they had set up a 'Christmas boutique' with a lot of local artists. My aunt bought some ornaments for Christine and me. They're bells with little toppers (a teacher snowman for me, a kitty for C) and here's a blurry picture ;)

There was also this gal who makes jewelry and it was so pretty I wanted to post her etsy site here. It's Serendipity by Erin and here's a sampling:

Everything's handcrafted and really beautiful. If you have any Christmas/holiday shopping left to do, she's offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING through the end of the year. I'm tempted to get something for myself! I especially like the flower ones.

(I have no connection to this person, just met her yesterday, so I'm not getting anything out of this endorsement *g*)

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