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1. Had a day 'o cimena today. Saw The Blind Side with my aunt (OMG so cute, go see it if you like movies that give you warm fuzzies), then went back to her house and watched Up on DVDs with her and Shelby, and then the Twilight Rifftrax with just Shelby. It's kind of insane that I'm so tired considering the only parts of my body that did anything are my eyeballs.

2. As of yesterday I cannot find my lesson plan/gradebook. Argh. I've gone through my classroom and even checked the office and the other classrooms I was in on the last day I know for sure I had it (Thursday). It's not the end of the world if I can't find it, because all the kids' grades are still in their test books and I never plan that far ahead, but I did have a running record of homework turned in and classroom jobs. Plus it cost like $10! Grr. Please think good thoughts that it will find its way home to me next week.

3. I can pick up my new glasses next week!

4. Supposed to get very cold the next few nights, even down into the 30s. Plus we're supposed to be getting rain. It is possible the East Bay might get its first snow flurries in, oh, 20 years?

5. Laundry day tomorrow.

6. Zzzzz... zzzzz...
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