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Did a superfast zip through of f-list tonight. Wow am I behind. Didn't have time to reply to everyone (it's sooo after my bedtime) but *smooches wlykyoti* :D

Oh, and I needed to make a quick comment on Glee, namely -- Yay, finally! Okay, I know the Will/Terri non-baby thing hasn't been going on that long in 'real time', and since she only started lying about it in 1x02 (?) it's been a whole 10 episodes... but it feels like it's been going on FOREVER. And I did try to muster some sympathy for her but she's honestly such a bitch I couldn't do it.

Also... Will is normally such a luvable doofus that seeing him be that mad was... pretty freaky, actually.

Quinn, on the other hand, is pity-worthy every once in a while. And she rocked giving Sue proverbial finger over Cheerios v Glee. Mom wants someone to punch Sue. :D "Even though she is, technically, a woman."

Next week: SECTIONALS! Oh I will cry when this show goes on hiatus. But the promos show Finn beating the crap out of someone... Puck, I hope?

Oh, and I can say this cause it's not a spoiler -- as much as I love Glee, it's extremely obvious that none of the writers have any idea how a public school (funding, hiring, yearbook pictures) is actually run. But I forgive them, for I have much love for them in most other respects!

P.S. Did Canada get Bones ep 5x09 tonight (Wednesday night)? I'm fretting because EZTV is down. Swamped, I imagine.
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