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Watching V 1x04

Interesting little twist having Ryan's fiance (I don't remember her name) being Tyler's shrink. Would have been better if we had already known he was seeing one. Did we know?

I like Joshua.

Okay glad to finally get some backstory on Jack. Army chaplain. That explains a lot.

Ooh... soldier-priest. EVEN BETTER!

"The innocent will suffer." Little different tone from "We are of peace always."

"Skin him." Ewww... and it's his friend! :(

"She doesn't bite." No, but she once in a while has her underlings skinned.

This is going to be icky, isn't it?

LMAO not the flu vaccine! Gee glad I don't get flu shots ;)

She preggers? I bet she's preggers.

Yikes, who's Forehead?

You know they totally stole that from Minority Report (who probably store it from somebody else).

Okay I really love Jack.

"There is a long waiting list... we could work something out." Ah-ha! Alien government rationing!

Yup, preggers. Called that one. A little baby gecko of their very own!

Hmm, some nice medals there Jack.

EEK Forehead stabbed my hot priest! Nooooo!

Hmm... more Vs coming? Lots more... this can't be good. And they're flying in Vs. Bwahaha.

ABC, you totally suck for putting a months-long hiatus 4 episodes into a new show.

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