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24 Season 8, and Renee

Fox has some promo stuff out regarding season 8! You can find it all here, but I wanted to call your attention to the parts that made me jump up and down... namely Renee!

Official promo... cute! Darker hair, and of course the freckles get airbrushed, but still supercute!

So this one is important because spoilerTV lists it as a shot from 8x01, and I had heard somewhere that Renee wasn't going to show up until episode 4. Hopefully, that 'someone' was wrong.

Okay, so Photoshop and compositionwise this picture sucketh, but (1) Renee is there in the main cast, (2) she's right next to Jack, hee! and (3) I'm happy to see that the newbie 'names' (namely Katee and Freddie) are in the background where they belong ;)

You can find HQ versions of these pics over on spoilerTV, btw, as well as promos of the other, non-Renee characters.

(Hat tip to jimkeller24)
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