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How in the world did authors ever research things for stories before the Internet? I mean, without going INSANE?

In the last few hours, I've written about four pages. I won't say more than that because I might jinx it. During this time, I've tried to muzzle the inner editor. But I knew from the get-go that I couldn't NaNo this story... not this one. It just isn't in me.

So, during the last few hours, I have looked up information on

  • tides

  • air pressure waves

  • the idiom 'given way'

  • estuaries

  • fjords

  • the word 'limn'

  • lynx

  • french names

  • birds related to ravens and crows

  • the word 'laconic'

... to name a few.

I mean, seriously.
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