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How in the world did authors ever research things for stories before the Internet? I mean, without going INSANE?

In the last few hours, I've written about four pages. I won't say more than that because I might jinx it. During this time, I've tried to muzzle the inner editor. But I knew from the get-go that I couldn't NaNo this story... not this one. It just isn't in me.

So, during the last few hours, I have looked up information on

  • tides

  • air pressure waves

  • the idiom 'given way'

  • estuaries

  • fjords

  • the word 'limn'

  • lynx

  • french names

  • birds related to ravens and crows

  • the word 'laconic'

... to name a few.

I mean, seriously.
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I have an entire bookcase full of various reference books, including an entire encyclopedia and a dozen dictionaries of various types, as well as two library cards. Much as I love books, the internet is *so* much easier.
i don't know how they did it, i'm always looking up stuff. especially definitions of words, who even owns a dictionary anymore?
I think I have one... somewhere...

(And yet in school we're still drilling kids on how to look up word meanings in dictionaries...)
I would if I had more than 1 computer per 12 students! We don't even have a computer lab :(

No kidding about the research. I've been working on a new fanfic in a new fandom and, of course, I had set the silly thing in Victorian England.

So, for the last few pages of fic, I've checked:

Bio of Nikola Tesla
Bio of George Westinghouse
Bio of Edison
War of Currents
Time line of Tesla's inventions
Gangs of New York
Gangs of London in the Victorian Period
Victorian Slang
Victorian medical practices
Slavic Vampire legends
The Invisable Man
HG Wells
Crime in Victorian England

Thank goodness for the internet!