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V randomness.

"Mom there's a priest at the door." Bwaha.

"I would never want to keep any secrets from you." Yeah, nicely worded, lizard-boy. :)

Fifth Column? Hmm.

Ooh Wash.. a sleeper for almost 20 years. "Whoever did it was going for your heart... joke's on them."

You know I can't say I really care about teenage boy's emo angsting over lizard-Lisa.

Heehee. I love seeing Roark again.

Interesting that even Ryan refers to them as Vs, and not... whatever they call themselves.

"...we must not underestimate the importance of popular opinion... Opinions can easily change. Monitor them, and if necessary, shape those opinions... By doing so, we can stop any resistance before it starts."

Oooh Jack what are you getting yourself into...

I want to know more about Jack. Something tells me he hasn't always been a priest.

Man, Ryan does not have a good track record with reconnecting with these guys.

Umm I have a hard time believing the FBI would just turn the suspect over to the Vs. Unless the gov told them to ;)

Ooh the jacket. Now... do those things record?

LOL @ Anna's rehersing. Damn you know Obama does that.

Uhoh. Someone's going to be disappeared.

Ooh not the only V there.

Eeekk he remembers.

Pointing a gun at a priest... that just ain't right.

Ooh, Joshua is a part of the resistance. Nice twist.

Okay that's not Mary, that's a Cylon! I mean a V! "Only hope and trust can heal us."

JOHN MAY LIVES. Creepy, but effective!

I wonder where Vs buy their lacy undergarments.

Ahh even more sneaky than I expected! No wonder they took custody of him.

Oooh the main characters finally meet, coolness.

Mother, bwah.

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