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yes it's a weather-related post

You know it's fall when you're using the heater in the morning (when the classroom is about 49F) and the AC in the afternoon (when it's about 75F).

And it's supposed to rain this week! Noooooo...

In other news...

I finally got my new insurance card! Yay! Thanks to COBRA I didn't have any lapses, but work took over the payments as of 11/1. However, I didn't have any way to prove that (short of calling my HMO) until now.

Tomorrow night I have three competing shows: Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, and V. I've been watching SYTYCD, recording BL and downloading V, but... I think I might have to switch things up tomorrow night and watch V live. It's not amazing, but come on, it's only two episodes in. And there's killer kinos, and lizard people, and stuff! Plus potential FBI agent/priest 'ship! (And y'all know how I feel about ship involving priests. Rawwwr.) Did I mention he's a pretty hawt priest? And his name is JACK? Alli's going to be making some icons tomorrow.

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