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I'm watching the Neverwhere miniseries, since I just read the novel by Neil Gaiman.

Yeeesh. I'd forgotten how... British British TV is.

ETA: If this was made in 1996, why does everything look so... 80s-ish?
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Oh dear GOD. I refuse to watch it. I even own it, and I refuse. Neverwhere is my favorite novel of his and I'm way too terrified to watch it.
Just plain terrified period. I have this beautiful, clear picture of the Underground and I refuse to see it diminished. *sheepish grin*
I watched the first part and aside from the britishness was pretty impressed. It follows the book very closely, which makes sense since the series came first and then the book ;)
*bites nails* I may just have to give it a try then. I think I got spoiled with how well done Stardust was.

(Icon WIN.)