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Don't you hate it when you're not really into a book...

But you're already more than 300 pages in so you figure you should just buck up and finish it for the sake of finishing it...

But then you realize that there are still almost 400 pages left?

It's Brent Weeks' The Way of Shadows, and while the premise is good, if uninspired (street rat is taken as an apprentice by master assassin, magical tomfollery ensues). But the execution is just... flat. Or leaves me feeling flat. Or something. Some of the reviews on Amazon say that the writing style is a bit YA, but I've read plenty of YA books that I loved (heck, just finished re-re-re-reading Christopher Pike's Remember Me 2: The Return after finding a copy on eBay) so I don't think it can be attributed just to that.

I would probably shelve it (fully intending to go back to it later, of course) but there's nothing else in my queue that's really winking on me. What I'd really like to be reading is the next Il-Rien book by Martha Wells, because although there's a little something lacking in the writing, the main 'ship intrigues me. But I promised myself no new books til I get paid at the end of the month. Plus, I already put it on my Christmas list.

Not much movement on my NaNo story. It pisses me off because the last week of October I was sooo jazzed to get started, I was just itching to write it. Then, bam, I got sick. And now all the excitement I had for the project is just... fizzled away. I guess I may just have to tuck the idea away until I've gotten some distance and can try to rekindle that old excitement.
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