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Look what Alli bought at Target yesterday!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you... Pepperidge Farm now has their very own version of Tim Tams (tagline: Australia's Favorite Cookie!)

And they're pretty damn tasty.
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Oh no way!!!!

And they not australia favourite cookie...they are Australias favourite BISCUIT....

I just hope that you get the Dark chocolate double coat, the caramel centres, the cookies and cream and PINK ones.


I do love our tim tams..almost as much as vegemite...

and target??? Seriously...they sell bikkies???
and target??? Seriously...they sell bikkies???


Target sells pretty much everything ;)
Bikkie = biscuit in australian slang (cause you know we shorten EVERYTHING!!)

And from my observations pretty much everyshop there sells everything!!!! LOL

It made us laugh so very much when you could buy alcohol and cigarette from the pharmacy, cause that is illegal here. It ws an eye opener when we were there!
Yeah, something Sel noticed when she was here is that there is *gasp* alcohol in the grocery store!
Not just the grocery store...but the pharmacy!! the pharmacies sold everything we needed everywhere. When we were in Banff we hd no idea where we could buy something and lo and behold we found it in a pharmacy!

Have you eaten the tim tams yet????
Well, pharmacies around here usually aren't their own separate entities. There are "drug stores", like CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid, but these days "drug store" just means "convinience store without groceries". Then you have stores like Target who have their own pharms as a separate department.

I ate a couple, yes. They were delish.
Oh walgreens...they saved me several times when i was over there! Especially in NYC times sqaure there is a 24hr one..soo convenient!
Rite Aid was our good friend in LA and SF! But yeah they are very much stores withour groceries. Whereas here pharmacies are all very much about health care, we are getting more and more "super" pharmacies, but the little guys still do very well. I worked in pharmacy for 8 years, and i saw the battle for the market and the little guys and health care won over the big conglomerates.

And a couple...damn your good. They are my marking food, whenever i mark I always have either Tim Tams or M&M' its the latter.
I was looking for them at Target not that long ago, and couldn't find them. Maybe I should try again.
mmmmmmm...Tim Tams...mmmmmm
I wonder if they'e the same as ours? I'd be interested in trying them!

Have you ever had a Tim Tam straw? That where you bite off a little chunk at either end, and use it as a straw with your coffee. YUMMY! But very messy sometimes LOL xxx
I haven't eaten a TON of Aussie Tim Tams, but at the very least they are quite similar.

I've never had a Tim Tam straw, but PF has something similar. :)